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 Rules Of The Mario Bros. Subforum

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Kratos Aurion
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PostSubject: Rules Of The Mario Bros. Subforum   Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:45 am

As mentioned in other "Rules" subforums, spamming isn't allowed.
Neither are one-liners. Although, one-liners are allowed WHEN they have
certain sense in them. Like, if you desire to point something out to
someone on the forum. Secondly, I won't tolerate pornography in all kinds.
That also includes Hentai and Echhi, yes.
Simply saying that particular stuff about a certain game is better than
in another game of Mario is bullshit. Say why it is.

Well, those are mainly the rules you have to remember.
Have fun around the Mario boards.
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Rules Of The Mario Bros. Subforum
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